Yelp $10 for $15 Redemption

Yelp does not provide us with the code you’ve received for this deal, so let’s work together to get you some cookies.

Here are 2 ways to redeem:

1) To redeem via, please email your discount code to before placing your order, and we’ll activate it on our end, so that you may apply it during checkout.

2) To redeem via food delivery services (Yelp, GrubHub, Postmates, etc.), there will be a “special instructions” or “other requests” section when ordering. Please type the 6-character discount code and memo “10 for 15 deal” in this text area and place your order. When we receive the order, we will “refund” the $15 to your order as credit for the deal.

NOTE: $15 can only be applied toward food (not delivery fees) so be sure to order a minimum of $15 of food to get full deal value.

Questions or Issues?

Please always feel free to email or text (415) 993-2007 if you have any trouble redeeming a deal. We are happy to help.